How are the parking spaces at AquacarParking at Alicante Airport?

Before going into a detailed description of AquaCar Parking spaces at Alicante airport, we need to emphasize the fact that OUR ENTIRE parking site is fully lit, under CCTVsurveillance and with a 24 hour airport shuttle service. 

All our covered spaces and practically all the uncovered ones are on paved surfaces.

At Aquacarparking we offer two types of parking sites for your long/short stays.

COVERED Parking Spaces • Alicante Airport Parking •

As far as Aquacar is concerned parking your car under highly inflammable cover materials such as plastic or thatch is a risk to be avoided, that is why we have more than 2000m2 of covered parking surface fabricated and assembled by the prestigious manufacturer parking y marquesinas s.l..

The covered parking spaces have a cover structure made out of galvanized iron which has been totally approved and marked as CE, which indicates the conformity of the product with European regulations.

Also, they are opened in the sides, to keep stationary cars well aerated avoiding greenhouse like conditions.

UNCOVERED Parking Spaces • Alicante Airport Parking •

The size of theuncovered parking spaces are 2,50x5,00mtrs, all of them marked out by white painted lines over the paved surface.

As you can see in the parking site images, the driving lanes are approximately 5,00 metres wide so it is easy to park your vehicle.

Once you have parked your vehicle in a covered or uncovered parking space, you will be taken to the terminal at Alicante Airport in one of our three mini-buses which are constantly coming and going from Alicante airport.

It is important to emphasize that, our company, will NOT ask clients for their car keys once the car is parked. Clients, for their own security, will park their cars themselves and the vehicles will not be moved during its stay with us.

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